Most Asked Questions

Crakedz website is still under construction. We apologize for all mistakes that can be found in the following pages.

  • How to contact customer service ?

You can contact customer service by filling out the contact form available on this website or by email to

A phone number will be available soon.

  • Can I phone to the customer service?

Crakedz team will soon be contacted by phone.

  • Is the website secure?

Yes. The transmission of information on the site crakedz operates in a secure environment, using existing protocols on the Internet.

The credit card numbers are not transmitted  to but directly shipped to the site's secure online payment platform of our bank, Societe Generale.

  • What if I forgot my password?

Click on My account on the top right of all pages. Click on "forgot your password?". Enter your e-mail and a new password will be sent.

  • How to order on crakedz?
- You can find items that  you like  from the homepage:
To search for items of an artist, click the name of the artist accessible via the top menu
To search for items in a category (t-shirts, books ...), click the product at the top of the page
- Click on the item of your choice
- Select your size and quantity desired
- Then click on "Add to Cart"
- Once all the items are selected, click on "My cartt" at the top right of the site
- In your cart, click on "Checkout"
- The login window appears: If you are an registered customer simply enter your login (e-mail address and password), if this is your first order, you can either create an account or proceed to payment as a guest.
- Select the address and mode of delivery
- Choose your payment method and confirm your order
- "Confirm your order"
- Crakedz send you an e-mail confirmation with a summary of your order after confirmation of payment online.
If you have a problem when ordering, feel free to contact us:

    Are the products on sale new?


  • How can I pay?

- By credit card. This implies that no banking information concerning you forwards through the website The payment card is perfectly safe;
Personal information transmitted are subject to protection and encryption by SSL (Secure Socket Layers) and your order will be recorded and confirmed upon acceptance of payment by bank.
The order of payment by credit card can not be canceled. Therefore, the payment of the order by the buyer is irrevocable, without prejudice to the buyer to exercise his right of withdrawal or subsequent cancellation of the order.
- By check (only for France) to the order of Crakedz to: Crakedz / Alabaz, 36 rue Lebour, 93100, Montreuil
Your order will be reserved for 14 days. Beyond this period, without receiving your check will be canceled. The order will be processed only on receipt of your check and after validation.
- Through our online payment partner PayPal.
 - By bank transfer to:
Account holder:
Account Number
RIB Key:
Bank Code:
FR76 3000 3038 8000 0206 1865 123
Account holder:


  • How do I know if my order is ok?

Your order is ok if you received a confirmation email.

  • How to choose my size?

A size guide will be available soon.

  • Where can I get my order delivered?

You can choose to get your order delivered to your home or another address (office, vacation home). You can choose your delivery address for each order.

Crakedz delivers its products in France including Corsica, Monaco, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion, Mayotte, French Guiana, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark , Spain, Finland, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, USA and Canada.

livre ses produits en France Métropolitaine en ce compris la Corse, à Monaco, en Guadeloupe, en Martinique, à la Réunion, à Mayotte, en Guyane Française, à Saint Pierre et Miquelon, en Allemagne, en Autriche, en Belgique, au Danemark, en Espagne, en Finlande, en Grande-Bretagne, en Italie, en Irlande, en Islande, en Israël, au Luxembourg, en Norvège, aux Pays-Bas, au Portugal, en Suède, en Suisse, aux Etats-Unis et au Canada.
  • What are the costs and deadlines for delivery?

You can get an estimation of postage on the item in the purchase confirmation page accessible by clicking My Cart.

  • Can I follow my delivery?

You will receive the tracking number of your parcel while your order is confirmed.

  • What if I do not receive my order?

If you have not received your colissimo within a reasonable time of your order, remember to check the status of your package on the site (see "Can I take delivery of my order). If you don't have any news, please contact us by e-mail to

  • Can I return or exchange an item ordered on crakedz?
 In an identification and thus an optimal processing of returns, any product that needs to be returned must must be asked before, under penalty of being refused. The time allotted to you to contact our customer service depends on the reason for return. The request for return must be made to our customer service (
 Confirmation acknowledging receipt of the request for return will be sent by email.
Upon receipt of the agreement, you have 15 days to return the product. After this deadline, your return will be refused.
We advise you to return by the same means as that by which the product has been delivered. Otherwise, if the packages shipped by you, and by returning to our services, we do not succeed, you would not be able to launch a survey of postal services in order to ask them to locate it. Note that all parcels not shipped by us is not our responsibility. Only the sender of the parcel is able to launch a survey of postal services.
To process your request, thank you to remember us your order number.
  • How to subscribe to the newsletter?

By clicking on the logo newsletter at the bottom of the page. You can then enter your email address to receive the latest offers and news site.