Frenchman JR's work is as good as unique. His regular modus operandi is to bill-post giant, unexpected, monochrome photographs in positions of high visibility. Its goal is clear; to assist viewers in recovering their humanity. JR has undertaken many major projects around the globe using this format, 'Face 2 Face', dubbed 'the largest illegal photo exhibition in the world', appropriated the border wall running the length of the disputed areas between Israel and Palestine. Vast photographs of Jews and Palestinians of all denominations, including those with orthodox leanings, grinning goonishly into camera, ran side-by-side along a considerable length of the wall. More recently, 'Women Are Heroes' has been even more well-received than those which preceded it. It saw him relocate to the strife-ridden African countries of Sierra Leone and Liberia. In contrast to the usual mages of grief and despair, local women were pictured appearing happy and playful, once again recovering their humanity.