La Caution is definitely matchless. Armed with an obviously unique musical identity, the two brothers Hi-Tekk & Nikkfurie from Noisy-Le-Sec (Paris suburbs), made a solid reputation for themselves by relentlessly touring and taking part in numerous albums, projects, mixtapes and movie soundtracks since 1996. La Caution will confirm the basis of a unique style combining electronic and energetic sounds with forceful and original lyrics with the first ground breaking LP Asphalte Hurlante, a classic album imposing them as one of the most atypical, innovative and charismatic band in the French Hip Hop scene.

La Cautions MC’s share a very own vision of prose and harmony. Their lyrics, willing to be urban allegories, have appealed to listeners who fancy sharp and outstanding writings. For the beats, Nikkfurie is known for his everlasting fondness for novelty